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Previous Exhibitions


  • Art Rages (Amsterdam) Craft gallery 

  • Casa e Luce (Amsterdam) Interior decoration store

  • HOAX (London) Artists' Multiples Group exhibitions

  • September 1999 "You are what you buy" exploring the idea of consumerism as self-expression

  • April 2000 "Crush" exploring the darker side of sex and romance

  • February 2001 Valentine's day "Happening"

  • DRAGON (London) October-December 2001 Joint exhibition of papier-mâché/fibre-glass sculptural work

  • Mexico Gallery (London) Indigenous /outsider art September 2003 "Cultural Connections" group show

  • PROOF (London)  Artists' Multiples Group show December2001

  • ARTMART (London) Gallery 192 Hoxton Group event December 2002

  • InsideSpace at Selfridges (London) Group show December 2001 Group show February 2002

  • (London) December 2002 Group show 'Stars of the East'

  • Le Bon Marché (Paris) December 2002 Display of lingerie related work: Lingerie department of department store

  • Byard Art (Cambridge) October 2004 Group show 'The Art of Dress' Exploring a theme of clothing and clothes.

  • La Galerie Helenbeck (Paris) April 2008 Group show 'Les dessous de l’art' Exploring sexual symbolism.

  • The Lund Gallery (North Yorkshire) September 2011 Group show  ‘The joy of food’

    Celebrating our relationship with food

  • Blossom Street Gallery (York) Current work

  • Festival of Ideas (University of York) June 2015 group exhibition 'Secrets & Discoveries'

  • Start Space (London) December 2015 New work

  • SaltBox Gallery (Helmsley, Yorkshire) February 2016 New work

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